Masterplan Framework

The development at Land at Thickthorn will aim to be of the highest standards to ensure it reflects local character and provides for local needs. The Masterplan Framework draws together all the strategic elements, design principles and best practice urban design to produce a robust layout to inform future detailed work.

The local centre is the focus for the development which includes the school, local shops, community facilities and homes. The Main Street which the development is structured around connects to the local centre and provides a direct link between the Primary access points off Leamington Road and Glasshouse Lane. The development will be designed in a way to minimise the use of car travel and promote walking and cycling. A network of new cycle routes and footpaths linked to key destinations will aim to encourage healthy living and help promote health and wellbeing. 8 Ha of employment space will be provided which will provide a range of local jobs.

The development provides public open space and parkland which contains areas of play space and an informal green corridor around the perimeter which incorporates the ancient woodland and the site drainage strategy.

A variety of density and scale will be provided within the development to create a rich character with higher densities located around the local centre and Spine Road. A looser arrangement is envisaged around the southern and western edges in order to respect the local landscape character and provide an appropriate transition with the surrounding landscape.