Welcome to the public consultation website for Barwood Land’s proposed development at Land at Thickthorn, Kenilworth.

Barwood Land have actively engaged with the Development Brief process with the Land East of Kenilworth Development Brief published in March 2019 and providing the detailed policy basis for these proposals and the hybrid planning application. A hybrid planning application will be submitted in Winter 2020. This will incorporate a full planning application for approximately 100 dwellings on part of the site and an outline planning application for the remainder of the site for residential development (Class C3); primary school (Class F.1); retail (Class E); employment (Class E / B2) and a community centre (Class F.2).

The design and technical work to form the planning application are progressing and Barwood Land would therefore like to take the opportunity to share the proposals and to invite comments from members of the public. This follows pre-application discussions with Officers at Warwick District Council and engagement with local Members.

This website includes an introduction to Barwood Land as well as details on the site constraints, design concept, framework masterplan and the local centre.

The feedback page provides details on how to make comments. Comments should be made no later than Monday 2nd November 2020.